Slab Leak Repairs

What causes slab leaks

The main water supply line, in any home pre 1965, is likely made of galvanized steel. If this fits your home’s description, in all likelihood the pipes are already corroded and rusted.  If the plumbing hasn’t been replaced yet, it will soon. Typically the life span of galvanized steel pipes is no more than 50 years.  If your pipes are made of copper, which replaced steel in the latter part of the 20th century because copper resists rust and corrosion, it was probably both thin and soft. Any dents, pits, imperfections in the copper pipe, over the years of water rushing through it, has caused the area of imperfection to wear down and create a pinhole leak.  Additionally If your concrete slab has shifted over the years , it could cause stress on the pipe and cause it to crack and leak as well.

Signs you may have a slab leak in your home

Since your water lines are below the slab, detecting leaks is very difficult. This said, there are some things that a perceptive homeowner can look and listen for which may indicate if there is a slab leak problem. If you can detect or identify any of the issues below, call Us at 310 973 1066 for an inspection before you have severe water damage: