sewer main repair

Emergency drain cleaning & repair

Most residential sink drain, floor drain, toilet drain plumbing issues are the result of a buildup of grease, food particles and foreign objects like feminine hygiene products, paper towels, utensils or toys.

The most frequent cause of sewer line obstructions are tree and plant roots. Typically old sewer clay pipes are invaded by organic intrusions like roots seeking water.

Once a root ball permanently blocks these pipes, a simple rooter or even a hydro-jetter may not be effective.

Our drain cleaning & repair services include:

  • Sink toilet drains
  • Toilet drains
  • Tub and shower drains
  • Floor drains
  • Storm drain cleaning and repair
  • Video camera line inspections
  • Main sewer drain cleaning and high-pressure hydro jetting
  • Main sewer drain pipe repair and replacement

Hydrojet and Hydrojetter services for drain cleaning & repair

Cable snakes are generally the first line of defense against tree roots and breaking through solid blockages. However, they are generally less effective in removing grease, scale and other softer buildup. Cable machines do bore holes through sludge but they can’t clean and push the debris out of pipes as effectively as a water jet machine. Also when root intrusions are so extensive and firmly compacted, a cable snake is unable to bite into the root ball. In those scenarios our Drain Cleaning & Repair technicians use high-pressure hydro jetting with state-of-the-art pumps and highly specialized tips mounted on the end of a heavy-duty flexible hoses. An array of forward and reverse water jets BLAST water at over 3000 lbs. of pressure per square inch which slice through immovable root intrusions, grease, sludge, sand and debris like a laser beam.

Why a trusted licensed plumber is critical for drain cleaning & repair

Kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower and tubs that are slow draining are an admitted nuisance. Homeowners might attempt to tackle these issues with an over-the-counter drain cleaner. Unfortunately, these solutions can cause far more damage and rarely solve any major blockages. In fact, store-bought drain cleaning products are highly corrosive and often result in the need to replace entire sections of pipe. Our plumbing experts have the training and experience to quickly identify the source of a blocked drain. We can determine whether you need our drain cleaning or our drain repair services and will handle these matters without causing any harm to your home plumbing systems.