Garbage Disposal Installation & Replacement

Emergency garbage disposer installation services

If you find that your kitchen sink is suddenly no longer draining and your garbage disposal just died on you with dinner party guest only hours away, Our Plumbing EMERGENCY Garbage Disposal Installation Team is ready to help you with just one click or call 310 973 1066. 

Our Plumbing garbage disposal installation professionals can instantly alleviate the stress of your experience by replacing your kitchen’s garbage disposer in a matter of hours from contacting us. 

Our certified plumbing technicians are meticulously trained to carefully remove your non-functioning garbage disposal unit and install a new disposer with care and attention to your kitchen. 

We installs a wide range of professional grade disposal models and brands, including InSinkErator, GE and Kitchen Aid.

Should I repair or replace my garbage disposal

If your garbage disposal unit isn’t working as it should, or worse yet working at all, you might be asking yourself if it makes more sense to try and repair it or just replace it with a new one?  The truth is several very common garbage disposer issues are easily repaired, but the true calculus in that decision should be also based on the frequency and type of usage, as well as the garbage disposal’s age.  If your disposer is more than five or six years old, it might be time to “retire it” and seriously consider replacing it with a new one.

Our professionals can take all the stress out of the process by replacing your kitchen’s garbage disposal for you the very same day you call us.  We not only carry the parts to make sure your disposer seats properly beneath your sink, reducing the potential for any water leaks, but our trained and certified plumbing technicians have the know-how to carefully remove your old disposer without damaging your kitchen sink and replacing it with a new disposal unit in far less time than you would be able to on your own.

Should attempt this on your own as a weekend project?   It honestly depends on your skill set, how handy you are and whether you have the tools to properly remove and replace a garbage disposal.  Most homeowners don’t.   Also if you don’t know how to install a garbage disposal properly, you could end up with expensive, damaging leaks to your kitchen cabinets and floors, as well as the risk of electrical shock.  Although it’s hardly “rocket science” garbage disposal removal and installation can be a very tricky, messy and time-consuming affair.

Garbage disposal installation

If you are ready to upgrade or install a new garbage disposal in your home or commercial kitchen, call on a our professional who has the expertise to install your garbage disposal perfectly the first time.  And if you already purchased your new disposer from Sears, Home Depot, Lowes or online, you can rest assured that we will install the new unit rapidly, so that you have the least amount of down time.