Garbage Disposal Repair

Emergency garbage disposer repair services

Dealing with a kitchen sink that refuses to drain can be incredibly frustrating.

At Emerson, our plumbers are highly skilled in providing emergency kitchen drain cleaning and garbage disposal repair services. Interestingly, many clogs in garbage disposers can actually be avoided with proper usage.

Unfortunately, most consumers unintentionally misuse these appliances, leading to many of the issues they encounter.

Surprisingly, not many people are aware that garbage disposals are designed to handle only light food residues that have been rinsed off plates and cooking utensils before being placed in the dishwasher. 

They are not meant to handle substantial food debris. When large quantities of food are disposed of, it can overwhelm the unit and result in clogged kitchen sink drains, leading to costly plumbing repairs. This often occurs due to the presence of sizable food particles such as potatoes, onions, carrot skins, starchy vegetables, and grease, which can obstruct the drains.

Clogged garbage disposal repair

In addition to food and grease, there are instances where other foreign objects can cause blockages in your garbage disposal. Items like silverware or hard objects can accidentally find their way into the disposal, leading to jams and malfunctions. Whether it’s a stray utensil stuck in your disposal or leftovers from your beloved pet, we understand the urgency of the situation and are here to provide a swift solution. 

With our 24/7/365 availability, you can count on us to come to your rescue promptly, even if your disposal breaks down while preparing for a significant dinner party.

Rest assured that our trained technicians will take great care of your home and strive to minimize any disruptions whenever possible.

Servicing your garbage disposal

Garbage disposals require periodic maintenance due to frequent usage. Food jams and residue buildup, particularly from starchy foods and vegetables, can cause the disposal to stop functioning.

Our plumbers are skilled at resolving clogs, regardless of their origin, and restoring your sink to full operation.

Additionally, we can address leaks that may occur in the disposal unit or its connections, preventing potential damage to your kitchen cabinets and flooring.

How to avoid clogging your garbage disposal

To prevent jams and clogs in your garbage disposal, it’s essential to follow a few basic rules.

Despite its name, the disposal should not be treated as a trashcan.

Avoid disposing of any liquid grease, as it can solidify and create obstructions in your pipes, similar to cholesterol plaque in arteries. Always dispose of oils and fats in your regular trash or use paper towels to absorb them.

Never put carrot shavings, onions, potato peels, celery, or other hard-to-grind, stringy, fibrous, or starchy foods into the disposal.